Suspicious Cricket

by Ekkomouse

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The debut album from Ekkomouse is here! The songs were all written in a somewhat turbulent time for Steve and Adam, so they reflect the tension both were going through. The songs touch on topics such as the loss of band members, financial hardships, temptation, redemption and the struggle to move on. The lyrics have a personal touch, yet can be open for interpretation by the listener. The music has a sense of urgency and hunger yet remains sincere through the dynamics and tension of each track.

Suspicious Cricket was recorded in true DIY fashion by Ekkomouse in their private studio. All songs were written and performed by Ekkomouse. Gear used includes API, Universal Audio, Dangerous Audio, Shure, AKG, FMR Audio, Native Instruments, Logic Studio, Gibson, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Schecter and more.


released January 1, 2012

Lyrics written and performed by Steve Prane
Bass written and performed by Adam Retherford
Guitar written and performed by Steve Prane
Drums and Percussion written and performed by Steve Prane and Adam Retherford
Mixing completed by Steve Prane
Mastering completed by Steve Prane


all rights reserved



Ekkomouse St Louis, Missouri

Ekkomouse is a two man project. We are excited about all things music and creative and try to instill this energy in our own songwriting. We like to use both traditional instruments and drum machines and samples in our songs for a unique sound. We invite you to try some of our music for free at our music download page or contact us through one of the portals above! Feel free to share! ... more

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Track Name: Original
You left something behind
when you decided not to try
And I feel for you
I feel for you
Some things we don't know what they mean
Til we lost that thing that was unique
I've been there too
But I just knew

Pre chorus
there's something we have inside
And some of us may hide
But I'm not the one
Im not the one

There's something to you It felt so right
Why did you leave it behind
it's hard to choose and you...wouldnt fight
But that's just how we survive

We had something original
Sometimes I wish I never knew
But we had to change
We're not the same
But there is...something...strong inside
I never knew..til you...left us behind
now your gone
And now it's on
Track Name: Frantic
You locked away the very thing that let you dream
You were tired of the time it took to believe
That you could walk among those that seem to have won
When you knew they did not care if you were gone

It never seemed to matter just how hard you try
There's always someone that will try to keep you behind
So let them take you under and there will be no dream
Some will tell you this is the only way it can be

Then you said

I feel the frantic pace of everything I've ever wanted
Slipping through my fingers, this must be a mistake
this is the tragic nature of a life as it unravels
Does everything I touch have to go to waste

There comes a time when you must define your life
and when you take that time you'll start to sleep at night
Will you remember the day you gave up on your dream
Or will you choose to live the way it should have been

And you said... Chorus
Track Name: Baking in the Sun
Just take the problems out the way
Create a life that lacks the pain
Prescribe a mood and walk away
Avoid the future like a plague

Pre chorus
Why...are we baking in the sun?
You know it burns when we get done
And find...our hope has washed away
Because we trusted what they say
Because we trusted what they say

There's every reason not to feel
When you eat because you steal
You only find out what is real
When you finally lose for real


We don't know just how much is lost from what they take
All I know is so much goes wrong when we sleep
Dont wait to try to start that fire another day
Cause When it's gone, we know what's wrong, we trusted what they say

Did you ever take the time
To find the reasons why
When I finally realized
I remember I just cried


Track Name: Shades of Grey
If you look into my eyes you'll know me
And the things I couldn't ever say
Its the thought of you finding my pain
That keeps me hiding everyday
I feel there is something wrong here
But the wrong can feel right some days
Just to walk into a world without fear
When walking can feel so strange

Its the shades of grey
And we all pretend
That its not that way
So simple and plain the shades of grey
Some things just don't change or go away

Sometimes I can feel that sunshine
When the days are not quite so plain
But the shadows are so close behind
It reminds me there's so much grey
I try to reflect on my time
And think what I could have changed
My regret is just another clear sign
That things have just stayed the same
Track Name: What am I missing here?
Your voice, those words
This phone, your tone is cold
No choice, No place
You won't learn
You won't burn me
It won't hurt
You can't burn me

What am I missing here?
Is this really the way?
What am I missing here?
Its not my you want to be

This time, Its fine
You'll see, I'll leave you here
My stand, Your end
You won't learn
You wont burn me
It won't hurt
You can't burn me


Your voice, those words
This phone, your tone is cold
Track Name: Almost Gone
I know where I belong
I know where I feel strong
It's not where you have gone
Where have you gone
I know when to try
when I pulled you aside
you looked me in the eye
Where have you gone

I catch your eyes
To look inside
But you look at me
And I watch you leave...
And your gone

I never thought you would leave
For reasons you wouldn't speak
But secrets don't ever sleep
Where have you gone
It's something I can't contain
When memories seem to fade
Its the reason I'm so afraid
Where have you gone
Track Name: So Strange
It's all a puzzle where the pieces never fit
Many try but few can handle it
walk a straight line from here to the end
Who knew that straight line would start to bend
Am I lost
Or just done
With everything?

It's all so strange
How it ended up this way
Maybe in time at the end of the line I will feel ok

Whats with the questions on how its gonna end
I think we all know so why pretend
You can reason it might be worth a try
But your reasons won't buy you more time
Am I wrong
Or just done
With everything?

I've been playing for too long
It seems that you can get tired...of the games
I'm so done
I just won't name
Cause when I'm gone
It's all that I can leave...In my wake
Im so done
And it seems that I am just tired....
Track Name: Spend my Time
There's little time for me to waste
I'm running out of time, and things will never be the same
It seems intentions aren't so clear
Who would have ever thought, that we would get stuck here

And now you want to play naive
But I have got to know just what you really think
If you take away the words that color all the lies
You'll find there's nothing left except for black and white

Good things are hard to find
I want to spend my time
On something that feels right, I just want to feel right
And if you walked away
From that shit today
How would you feel, would you feel right

This has been coming a long time
And we must not forget, we only get one life
I suggest you look inside yourself, and try to realize
That if you take up all your time you will get left behind

Track Name: Just let it be
I know how you feel
I've seen everything
Some things just need to be
But you won't ever let them be

I feel, I have
found my place
With you in the distance
I might be ok
It's too much to take
I'm not fine
You have your reasons, I have mine

It's time we let go
So long we have tried
I feel I need to be
But you won't ever let me be

I remember, yesterday
You made me better
Did I do the same?
But it's gone, It's changed
I don't know why
There's nothing but tension
There's no need to try

Its too much
Too much to take
But you sit there
While I break
Track Name: I wait these days
I feel like things are getting heavier each day
And if we keep it up, somethings gonna give
I'm running out of time and you want me to wait
Til you get yours and I give in

I wait these days
to wait some more
While you get yours
and I get bored
Its the perfect time
to realize
This is not for me
This is no life

At first I noticed just how easy it all came
To play along as if an actor in a scene
It might be hard for me to go against the grain
But its not for sure it's just for me

It seems the simple things are't good enough
To satisfy what's missing inside
And so we complicate the things we love
When we fill our days with the things we despise
Track Name: The look in your eyes
Innocence don't belong here anymore
In my past, I walked through all the wrong damn doors
Through my eyes, I see people's every need
I take that pain and use it so I can feed

You ask for the truth with the pain in your eyes
I give you what's left of me
If I'm ever gonna leave my past behind
I ask you just stay for me

They said that this would all catch me one day
I laughed and said, let's play that game
Cause when I move, their eyes just don't seem to follow
I'm too hard to track with my intentions in the shadows

I get around to all the different scenes
And when I move through nothing ever touches me
Until that day I came across someone I had meant to use
You were there, and I found my whole new truth
Track Name: Color outside the lines
Feel the silence
Its no stranger to some
Whats your price for the day
Or you can choose to run
Its all in the timing
Its turning me on
to a life outside of the lines
Or am I already gone

Theres so many lessons
They want you to learn
What they teach can make you insane
But dont take my word
Can you hear the message
Whispered from the dark
Its the place the feelings hide
To give you a start

If I could just see the bottom
I might walk to the other side
Where the fears are forgotten
And theres no need to hide

Can you live outside the lines
Where the colors are bleeding
Can you live without a design
And give up on your reasons

There are answers
and then there is truth
Try to speak with words that are lost
Theres really no use
Wheres my passion
Wheres my pleasure and pain
Where is everything that I've lost
I need to find it again
Track Name: No escape
There was something
Something I just could not stay away from
Oh how we learn
Oh how we learn...from the pain
There was something
Something was calling my name
so I had to go
When it calls you
When it calls you
You leave

There is no escape from the fire
Whats a man to do, Oh what can he do
He can stay and play with desire
But it won't do, Oh no it won't do

So I left for my desire
and it took what it took from me
Now I sit here so damn tired
But I dream, oh yes I dream
Oh don't you see, oh don't you see
Its what I have left
Is the dream, don't you see