Take a Piece

by Ekkomouse

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Our second body of work, this ep bridges where our head was at for the Suspicious Cricket album and where we are heading. With a slightly more electronic sound, we tried to retain that groove and grit that makes us who we are. Take a piece was recorded in our studio as a true diy effort. We have spent countless hours tweaking these recordings for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!


released July 1, 2017

All music by Ekkomouse. Lyrics by Steve Prane. Performances, arrangement and composition by Steve Prane and Adam Retherford.


all rights reserved



Ekkomouse St Louis, Missouri

Ekkomouse is a two man project. We are excited about all things music and creative and try to instill this energy in our own songwriting. We like to use both traditional instruments and drum machines and samples in our songs for a unique sound. We invite you to try some of our music for free at our music download page or contact us through one of the portals above! Feel free to share! ... more

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Track Name: Silent Scream
Silent Scream

How hard can we push
Before it breaks down
How far can we go
Til it's too late to turn around
Did you know that scene
Would make you pay?
The only thing you need is some time
To find yourself today

I can see in your eyes
you have got to be free
You got something inside do you mind if I take a piece for me

Can you give your heart
And say what you mean?
It ain't no way to live
To know that silent scream
If you give your heart
They might take a piece and leave
Or you can keep your fear But don't keep that fear
And start your silent scream

How much can you take
Til you hear that sound
That voice in your head
That tells you not to drown
If it feels too small
And it seems so far away
Let it build let it build til
Til you find yourself some change
Track Name: Speak Fast
Speak fast

We speak fast and hear slow
The fears know
What tears will show
My minds in another state
While I run in place
my body still waits
Now Some walk and some creep
Some eyes are blind
yet they still weep
And I try to think how things can change
But it seems the same
It's all the same

I will find a way
Don't you leave just yet it's not over
Til I find a way
To leave here forever

A simple kid with simple thoughts
In a simple life
But its changed a lot
So how do we know which way to turn
the young don't learn
Til they get burned
Look how skin gets thick with age
They said just wait
But That times a waste
So It seems they teach us to run and hide
But that ain't right
So lets leave tonight
Track Name: I'm Gone
I'm gone

I'm gone don't you stay
We got to, get outta this place
It's time for a change
We don't need, any more days
And life seems to be to tame
Its got me, feeling so strange
If I leave tonight will you stay
We got to, get outta this place

We got to..get gone
And Get your mind changed
We got to get gone, step out can't wait another day

I'd rather fall on my face
Than waste, any more days
Together we go the hard way
I won't lie, there's gonna be pain
But When you see the life that you made
And think about, the path we take
You might find a life you won't trade
Can I be, any more plain
Track Name: North from Here
North from here

I look outside
Through eyes that won't cry
And I just wait
As I hold on to yesterday
And you've gone away
So I fill my time with the memory of those old days
I know what's gone
The light from my eyes as I sing you a sad sad song

In the morning I can't rise
And I swear that I really try
Now they say that I just need time
But you've gone north
So I sit and I just stare
For signs that you were here
And I know that life's not fair...cause your north from here.

It's been so long
I just need to move on
And I have tried
But your there when I close my eyes
Some things don't fade
Like the times we have spent and the pictures that i have saved
I can't forget
So sleep when i can til it happens all over again
Track Name: Open Road
Open road

Eyes closed...I breathe
It's just me
I know...I need
We walk that road but we don't know
We think of home but we don't go

I could just walk this road alone
I could decide to never come home
But I can't forget the way you see me
So when I leave I never find peace

I'll never find peace
It's the way things go
So I don't sleep
Until I go back home

The signs...divide
They don't hide
There is...another side
We won't find
We chase what's down that road
Til we don't know if we can go home

I know...It seems
Out of reach
That road...it dont lead
Where we think
You walk so long and it gets old
But don't forget there's always home
Track Name: Life is full of distractions
Life is full of distractions
Pulling me every which way
But one things for certain
So I won't stop to play
I said I won't stop

I was just a person
Living in his own world
But they didn't let me know
So soon to be knocked down
They step on me some more
Got me down so I couldn't rise

Now my head was spinning
Where am I supposed to go
They wanna take take everything from me
I look around when they left
I was not the only one
Thats right, We're not alone ...

I don't have to think twice
To realize it is a war
They got you, or they're gonna try
They don't stop if we quit
It's ok to cross the line
We didn't know but its about time